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Guten Tag

I’d love to join your team as a senior visual designer & help build the look and feel of the 7 Mind brand.

I’m an experienced art director, designer & animator recently relocated to Berlin from Los Angeles. I’ve worked with - branded, rebranded, launched shows on - companies as diverse as Discovery Channel, Dreamworks Animation, OWN, Nickelodeon, MTV and more. I understand the power and importance of brand stories and brand cohesiveness. I know that the right messaging, the right storytelling, can elevate a brand and help it come to life.

I am not primarily a UI/UX designer. What I bring to my work is a strong understanding of concept-driven design, readable, compelling content and the experience of working with dozens of brands of all sizes - at all stages of growth. I make sure to understand why I’m making something, above and beyond how pretty I can make it look. Design needs to be user-centric, otherwise what’s it even for?

I’d love to join your team, not just for the creative challenge, but because I believe in your mission. I’ve been meditating daily for several years and have tried many of the popular meditation apps (and a friend of mine in Los Angeles works for Headspace). Apps like yours can be really powerful tools and can help make us happier, when so many apps these days seem to be making us more anxious.

I’m comfortable leading teams, writing creative briefs and sitting down behind my tablet and getting the job done. I can pitch an idea in English like it’s my Muttersprache (because it is) aber mein Deutsch kommt schnell voran. I’m currently taking German classes (A2). It’s very important to me to get my German up to speed.

I have a work visa and I’m available to start immediately.

Thanks very much and I hope to speak with you all soon.

Here's some of my work:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 



A series of five looping Instagram videos, telling a snippet of the story of a long-lost astronaut.

OWN Rebrand

Exploring new looks for the Oprah Winfrey Network. My work on this rebrand led to my being lead art director on another OWN rebrand, below.


American Album Show Open

Click-through for two versions of the show open I designed. One more show that never made it past the pilot. I'm pretty sure that's not because of the graphics. 

My animation of the version the client picked. I'm still wondering what the other version would've looked like in motion.


OWN Rebrand, Encore

A second rebranding campaign I worked on for the Oprah Winfrey Network. I loved working with the photography and figuring out how to integrate typography in a seamless, elegant way. 


Man vs. Food

Part of a pitch to design the main title for a Food Network show.

Operation Change Show Open

Styleframes for a television show that, unfortunately never made it beyond the pilot. This was another really enjoyable project, again working with some excellent footage and trying to tell story graphically.  


GSN Network Rebrand

A rebrand pitch for the Game Show Network. They didn't pick this direction but it was a blast to work on.


Available Now

A self-directed motion graphics project during a little bit of down time.

G4 Network Rebrand

Another opportunity to figure how what a network could look like, but with a slightly different attitude than some of the others I've worked on. They didn't pick this direction, but I like it.


iOS Stickers

A set of iOS stickers. Because robots are awesome. I designed these when iOS stickers were just announced and working towards the, at that time, very constrained file size requirements was a good challenge.