Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Robo-Animal Menagerie

It all started with the “alien robot fish,” see my previous post. After I drew that, I was pretty sure that there were a few other animals rumbling about & I’ve finally put two more down on paper.

Fish, giraffe, turtle. There’s no obvious connection between the three, those are just the ones that fell into place. I’ve got a discarded snail, an octopus, a squirrel (that could’ve been really cool with the tail, might return to it), a seahorse & an ostrich. Three animals because one’s unique, two are a couple & four & beyond are just too much work. There’s no backstory for the menagerie & I’m not sure if it needs one. They might just be what they look like & no more.

Next steps with these three critters is screen printing. I need to pick up a larger & higher resolution screen & I might build a proper printing table so that I can pull off multiple prints & multiple passes a bit more efficiently. Not sure what I’ll do with the posters once they’re printed, some more watercoloring probably & maybe I’ll do a couple two-color prints for giggles. Won’t happen in the next couple days, but keep your eyes peeled.

It’s also time for me to start developing the next project. I’ve got a few ideas. I’ll post once they’re in a decent place.

Technique-wise, these all started on paper & I scanned them once I had bits & pieces that seemed to fit. None of these was fully put together until I had the scans in Photoshop. Then it was just a simple brush over all the lines. There’s still some inconsistent line weight on these which I’ll clean up soon.