Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

2009 Holiday Cards

Three things came together this year to form the genesis of my 2009 holiday cards:

  1. I feel poor (having just moved)
  2. I love monsters
  3. I’m stoked to get back into screenprinting

So, after discussions with PGOAT about the viability of the project (whether we had the collective enthusiasm to screen, cut, paint & mail them all) I jumped into the breach & drew up a small bestiary. Out of a bunch of ideas, some stolen directly from guys like the great Nate Wragg (man do I love his yetis), I narrowed it down to four designs.

PGOAT nixed the skeletal Rudolph, which I couldn’t argue against too vehemently, & we went with the remaining three. We burned the screen in the bathroom, pulled the prints in the living room & watercolored them on the kitchen table over the course of an afternoon while listening to DJ Riko Christmas mash-ups (a holiday tradition I’m slightly embarrassed by yet can’t quite give up yet). I wasn’t smart enough to snap pics of the process but here are a couple of the finished pieces.

Again, I was slow on the picture taking front & all the best cards were sealed in envelopes before I snapped these. Nevertheless, it was a blast & folks seemed to like them.

Only another year to go before I have to come up with another idea…will probably be more monsters.