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Johnny Recon

Johnny Recon is not happy when you stack the deck.

It was raining today in Los Angeles. I had plans for the night (checking out the “Curiouser & Curiouser” show at Gallery Nucleus with PGOAT) and a fresh French press pot of coffee. And though I wanted to draw, I didn’t feel like working on the graphic novel project that’s been taking up the bulk of my non-work creative time. What to do…

On a lark, I checked out one of my favorite art blogs, Comic Twart. This week’s character is the very cool & pulpy Johnny Recon. Well, I love pulp. I love scifi…yeah. Why the hell not? Granted, every single one of the Comic Twart crew is boatloads better than me but that’s alright. Even if my Recon sucks, PGOAT still loves me.

Initial lines (early sketches are on the back of my inked page & scanned like crap):

And final layout with type is the first image of the post.

I’m pretty happy with this little illustration project, even though there are lots of problems – Johnny’s pose is a bit boring, my inks have no life, the final jacket color is off-model, I relied too much on texturing, the scale on the chair behind him makes it look like he plays poker at the kiddie table, the horizon line makes no sense and the type is totally phoned-in. But…having said all that, I still like the pic. From what little I know of Mr. Recon, he’s not a guy you want to cheat in a game of cards, and that much, at least, seems clear.

Enough blather. Enjoy the image. Have a kick-ass weekend.