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Quick Turtle Painting

I had a little free time at work this morning & decided to mess around in Painter.

The line art is this robo-turtle thing I drew a few months ago. I liked it, still do, and it’s been on my mind because there’s a place for it in a project I hope to work on soon.

I painted it in two layers because I’m trying to use Painter as more of a traditional painting tool than as a clunkier Photoshop with a kick-ass brush engine. In Photoshop, this same image would be a dozen layers deep. Here’s the base layer where I tried to lay in simple values & shading.

It’s pretty clear to me now that I didn’t push this layer far enough. It should delineate the forms much more strongly. There’s not enough volume in the shapes. Also, I would’ve made things much easier on myself if I’d laid in a floor at this point, or at least some notion of a horizon. Still, this is just a quick color sketch & I’m figuring out a new workflow.

My second layer is the main color pass & that’s the image at the top of the post. I like how rough the brush strokes are but I’m torn about some of the line detail I’ve obscured. I think I need to do a couple other versions, one even looser & one very tight, where I’m almost tracing the line art, to see what level of rendering I like best.