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Robo-Fish Painting

Had a little more free time at work today & decided to paint a Robo-Fish.

Like yesterday’s post, this is another exercise in digital painting using some old line art I had lying around my hard drive. The goal’s not so much to knock something out of the park but to figure out a digital painting workflow that makes sense to me. I started this one in Painter, took three or four passes at it before moving back to Photoshop & starting from scratch.

Here’s the line art:

Flat colors & basic palette:

Some shading & texture:

A background & some goofy type came next.

And the final lighting tweaks are at the top of the post.

Was it successful? The biggest problem, IMHO is composition. The aspect ratio of the image is strange & fights where your eye naturally wants to go. I complicated the task of knowing where to look by adding type, then tried to salvage it with some lighting. If this was a portfolio piece I’d add some height to the canvas & resize the fish to fit within it a little better. Also, I’d plan for the type from the very beginning instead of shoehorning it in at the end. I might also re-write it because, well, it does say “space plankton.” Space. Plankton.

It’d also be good for me to re-think just what this piece is. Where is the fish? Why is it a straight profile? Is this a robot fishing trophy or an illustration from a robo-bestiary? That, and why does the lighting contradict the shading in the line art in some places? I caught that one late in the game & ignored it.

Regardless, ’twas fun & don’t be surprised to see this guy (differently rendered) to show up again before too long.