Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Spooky Drawing Room

Because I’ve not updated in too, too long, I thought I should update with color & everything.

(Click it for a larger version.)

It’s loosely based on a script my girlfriend wrote for SyFy. Really it has nothing to do with the script at all. What happened is she told a couple things about it & then I went & made something that’s way more Cthuhlu than what she was talking about. Still, props to her for sparking something that led to this.

Here are the initial inks, done in my sketchbook with both a Pentel Pocket Brush & a Color Brush (black).

It’s crazy over-drawn & nearly impossible to tell where to look. I took some process pics with my phone as I inked it (and lost them when it crashed). What was helpful about them though, was seeing that at earlier stages when there was less ink on the page, the scene was much easier to look at. Even though I’d not intended to color this when I started, I figured some digital paint could salvage its readability.

My Photoshop painting chops leave a lot to be desired but I do have a lot of fun working on them. Here’s the “underpainting.”

Obviously I relied heavily on the inks but there are a couple things about the underpainting that I like better than the final. I’d like to get to a place where I could paint over pencils & be pleased with the results. That’s just a matter of time & attention. I’ll get there eventually. This is painted in around 75 layers because I’m a wuss & also because I didn’t lay out a color palette before I started working. I figured that it’d be easier to mess with the colors if all the elements were on separate layers.

So there you go. Final image is at the top & it’s time for me to go.