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Thrilling Tales of the Air Service


In a world where boundless exploration has stretched the technologies of communication past their breaking points, the Post Captains have become unlikely heroes. They are lifelines, connecting the boldest & furthest reaching individuals with the civilizations they’ve grown beyond. They ferry reports of the unknown across vast, unmapped stretches of the globe. Their travels define the ambitions of an era. No geographical hazard will prevent them from getting their job done. They will deliver the post.

I’m a fan of Post Captain Brumby. I’ve got a few of his adventures percolating in the back of my brain but for now all I have to share is this faux pulp comic cover. It’s my latest foray into digital painting & while it’s far from perfect, I’m pretty happy with the end result.

I stumbled into it by sketching Brumby & his zeppelin separately.

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They seemed to go together & a bit of thinking led me to the idea of an accidentally swashbuckling, paperwork-laden civil servant – Indiana Jones if he always submitted his timesheets & remembered to take a break from barnstorming to have afternoon tea. From here the cover wasn’t too tough to figure out but it does explain my biggest problem with it. The title promises “Thrilling Tales.” The illustration depicts a guy staring at a blimp in clam, sunny skies. Oh well. That just means I need to make the stories that much more exciting.

I’d planned on posting a bunch of process images but I think I’ll let this stand as is & start thumbailing some adventures.