Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Gerber-Bots, Act Now!!!

When personal flower delivery just won't do, you need one of Wrylon Robotic's patented, galaxy-famous, 97.4% reliable, sleep-free, ever-vigilant, quantum-averse, family-friendly, largely-safe, appropriately-sentient, water & fertilizer-full Gerber-Bots.

Look kids, we know that love is hard.  Maybe you're on one side of the Oort cloud & your sweetie's on the other. Maybe you're trapped in a time well on Syslon IV. What if the one who's stolen your heart has, in fact, been kidnapped by asteroid pirates? What if, even when you're wrapped up in the seven arms (and 13 breasts) of a Pleasure Ambassador from planet Whyrlax, you want to let the supernova of your soul know how much she (or he) means to you?

Well my friend, then you need a Gerber-Bot.

Our custom-built models can be configured for deep space, ice planets, acid seas, you name it! A discerning eye may notice that our featured models carry one flower only. Why? Are we stingy? Isn't it sweeter, if you're reaching out over hundreds of light years through intergalactic vacuums, to send a dozen? Two dozen? A google dozen? No. In fact it's just the opposite. Extensive research has shown that economies of scale are detrimental to true love. The fact that you'd spend millions of spacebucks (our services are not for the frugal of heart or wallet) to send just one flower, one delicate, freshly-picked blossom to your beloved will melt his or her heart faster than a Class 3 red giant melts a hunk of frozen, liquified hydrogen.

Act now! Prove your love! Account specialists are standing by.