Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Field Notes Report #2

The end of another successful Field Notes expedition. A write-up of the previous notebook can be found here.

This particular notebook didn't last nearly as long as the previous, just shy of two weeks. I started it near the beginning of crunch time on a huge project and, as such, it's mostly full of things like "make the logo bigger" and "double-check the Global Illumination settings." But here's a genuine "art director note." The sketch on the right turned into the arrow on this sign here:

Clearly, had I not been around to draw that arrow, this project would have fallen apart. The finished spot is here, for your viewing pleasure.

More important notes on the left and on the right a cup of tea. Without that tea, these notes would never get done.

I did leave the office at least once during the final push, to get my iPad replaced at the Apple Store. You wouldn't know it from the sketch, but that lady on the left was quite cute. She had some kind of one-on-one Genius training going on.

Here a nice old lady, who looks like a NFL linebacker in drag, is getting help with her email.

And here a cute girl talks on her phone while waiting for her Genius appt. Cute girls are always talking on phones.

My editor running out of space on his tablet.

My Colombian friend Freddy took some of my pens for a test drive. Probably the most interesting drawings in the entire notebook.

Seems I was thinking about D&D one late night.

And there were several quite late nights.

But "Space Snake" never tires & is ever vigilant.

On the left is Johann Kraus from Hellboy and on the right, the final accounting of the sketchbook.