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Indian Warrior - Sketching at the ADG

The Art Director's Guild, of which I am not a member although that's my job title, has a weekly life drawing session that I think is one of the best in LA. It's only $10 for three hours. It's well-lit, has plenty of drawing horses, free snacks, talented sketchers and it's 6 minutes from my humble abode. Last but not least, it's across the street from a very good beer bar. Here are a couple sketches from last week's session.

Col-Erase pencil.

Col-Erase pencil.

Col-Erase, marker & brushpen.

Brush pen & correcting fluid over Col-Erase. Done the night after while watching AMC's "The Killing." Great show, btw.

Brush pen & marker over Col-Erase, also while watching "The Killing."