Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Moleskine Wallet Sketches: Intelligentsia

I've been using various Moleskines as wallets for a couple years now. I started before I got a fancy informationPhone because I needed a place for phone numbers, addresses, grocery lists, etc. The "hidden pocket" was just big enough for my license, a credit card and one or two dollars & I liked having a sketchbook always with me. But I didn't actually sketch in them much. Lately though, I've been drawing a lot more & when my old Moleskine died I switched from a Pocket Notebook to a Pocket Sketchbook. Fewer pages, but better paper. I try to keep a brush pen with me & I'm getting pretty diligent at whipping it out when I have downtime. It's that or an iPhone game.

I just filled up my current wallet & will be grabbing a new one today. So begins a couple posts - sketches from the old wallet.

My buddy Rich & I have a semi-regular coffee date at Intelligentsia Silverlake and I'm always the first one there.

Early Saturday & Sunday morning sketches, usually before the day's first coffee.

More to come.