Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Field Notes Report #3

Previous Field Notes reports are here & here.

The last of my summer 2009 special edition "Grass Stain Green" books.

Took me two months to get through this one. My Field Notes suffer because they're one of three notebook/sketchbooks that I carry daily in my black bag.

On the right, a little girl & her astronaut dad.

Coffee & a lady.

Yes, fancy "creative" types do stare at Macbook Pros all damn day long. It's what makes us so...cool? These are ladies in a meeting. Maybe they're taking notes. Or not. Who am I to judge? I was drawing.

This man talked a lot in the meeting.

This man didn't.

Neither did he.

This lady's not real.

Different meeting this time. Another guy not talking.

Because this guy had a lot to say.

As did this guy.

But not him. He had some thinking to do

"Art Director" notes. I used the word "typeface" instead of "font". That's how designery I am.

Art Director notes on the left. Yes, I wrote "hipster, indie, edgy, skater." I didn't make that shit up myself. I swear. When the client says things, you have to write them down.

On the right, a new company logo? Not likely.

Notes and sketches both. This spread is a damn two-fer.

My favorite part of finishing a Field Notes book is circling all the things I did on the inside back cover.

Starting a new book today.