Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Some Meetings, Some Meals

Some of the times I knocked about with my little Moleskine Cahier.

Waiting for burgers at The Counter, Wilshire Blvd.


Yes, this is a handsome man, who, at various points pointed out a doric column - as opposed to just a plain old "column" - used "facile" in a sentence and then claimed to just be a "dumb client." Sorry sir, the humble bit isn't working. You done went to college & are perceptive to boot.

This are both the same lady. This should clear up any misconceptions that I am capable of drawing likenesses.


This guy...

...and this guy are the same guy. He's not angry in the bottom one, nor does he have an encephalitically-large head (or itty-bitty child hands). I just don't always draw very accurately.

Another man, another chair.

More later.