Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

LACMA Sketching

Made it out to LACMA over a lunch break or two & got a wee bit of sketching in. I'm feeling rusty but it's good to be drawing there again. All sculpture sketches today, no paintings.

Descent from the Cross, a 16th century wooden sculpture that's really quite amazing.

Detail from above.

More Descent, detail of some hands.

An 18th century Pieta.

Hand detail from the same Pieta.


I don't remember what this is but I like the gesture in the sketch. That's a mirror in her left hand and I think a caduceus in her left.

Head detail from above.

A different head.

And yet one more head.

Pentel Pocket Brush, Col-Erase, Copic & Blick markers, all in the same Moleskine Cahier. The vast paper color differences are due to my having the crappiest scanner on earth.