Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Meetings, Cops & a Bird in the Hand

I don't go to a lot of meetings, not as many as some folk. Most of the day I'm sitting in front of my dual monitors with big-ass headphones on being a misanthrope.

But sometimes I leave the safety of my little desktop kingdom and see other people. Like this guy.

Or this guy.

Girls even. And scruffy men cultivating neck problems.

Because I'm a "creative" sometimes we have meetings in beanbag chairs. That's how you know we're not "suits". Yes, it's important to keep stereotypes alive.

For the record, I do take actual notes from time to time.

Balanced by sketches, of course.

These cops were not a part of a meeting. I saw them on the street the other day, investigating a possible break-in. Turns out it was just the wind that blew open some French doors.

Finally here's a bird in the hand. I guess it's an oblique reference to my earlier bird rescue post. I dunno. I just kind of like it.


*For the record, all sketchblog posts that directly reference my work are, in some way, abstracted/semi-fictional/memoir-not-biography. Take them all with a grain of salt. This is the internet, folks.*