Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Sketching The People

Time for another sketchbook dump. One of my regular lunch haunts is the turtle pond behind the E! building on Wilshire. I saw this young lady enjoying her lunch of a salad & a cigarette. She had a very Emily Blunt from "The Devil Wears Prada" vibe going on. Not meaning to be unkind, but I believe the accepted term for her may be "skinny bitch." I'm sure she's very nice.

Following up on the fashion tip, I doodled a few figures from the Sartorialist blog. I like this one quite a bit, though it deviates heavily from the source image:

And I like this one less, though the line of her legs & the itty-bitty feet sticking out work for me:

Another day I spent some time in the LACMA courtyard where I saw this guy who was not, despite how I've drawn him, playing with himself:

And here's a lady on the phone. Ladies love their phones...Amirite? C'mon fellas, are you with me?

"What did you say about my talking on the phone?"

Sittin' around. Yeah, that one lady's also on the phone...

Two people not on phones:

This guy wasn't drinking a beer but looked like he'd rather be doing that than hanging out at LACMA:

And I did go into the museum for a minute or two, where I saw a mask from the Pacific Islands:

And a sculpture of Voltaire:

Finally, a young woman in a meeting. I think she'd be much happier if her fancy office chair was one of those Herman Miller "True Black" models you hear about on NPR.

More soon, true believers.