Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Mini-Monstrous Beastiary

  Today's post digs deep into my field sketchbooks to bring you a variety of beasties I've run across while working on my Post Captain story.

A Post Captain's life is one of constant travel, high adventure and unforseen adversity - albeit punctuated by long stretches of tedium as he (or she) checks that the proper postage is affixed to all packages and updates the log books as mandated by Post Agency policy. The Post Agency has many, many policies. And regulations. And regulatory policies. It's not become the communications arm of the empire by flying the seat of its pants.

Gondwanalian Pincer Beast. I've neglected to sketch in anything to give a proper sense of scale but suffice to say, one of these creatures is more than a match for a Post Agency balloon. Be careful.

No contact was made with this group. They seemed quite hostile., though easily distractible by fish scraps & bits of  yarn.

Unknown. This is a copy of a drawing made by a Selenite tribal shaman, supposedly depicting an ancient visitor to one of their ancestral villages. No supporting archaeological evidence has been found.

Fire-breathing Orincephaleous. Actually quite harmless so long as you don't startle them.

More to come.