Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Magazine Sketching

I took an un-announced week off the sketchblog last week and though I've been drawing, don't have a big backlog of stuff to post. Frankly, drawing's been rough lately. I don't like much of anything I've done in the last month or so. But, for whatever reason, it's important to me that I keep posting. So here's a random dump of magazine sketches.

On this page we have further proof that I have no idea how to draw women's faces, a cowboy, a man who I swear is NOT George Bush and a businessman-type gent. I quite like the shading on the cowboy's left hip & lower part of his shirt and the notion of his hand holding a piece of straw. His hat's all wrong though, as are his feet.

Is that Mandrake the Magician? I can't remember what I was reading that led to this guy but I like him. I also like the shading on the seated girl's right ankle & right arm. I still, still can't draw a decent female face. You should see the one's I'm not posting. But I won't post them. So there.

All the pictures in one pile. I might like this best.

Cheers! And more soon.