Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Three Dudes

Because as any regular blog reader knows, I've no clue how to draw ladies.

Helmet-boy here started out as another random shape sketch (see others here). I really should start taking pictures of the shapes before so I can post them along with the "finished" afters. I should also make something out of the other shape on the page. I'm kind of seeing a long-eared pig, or maybe a big-nosed french chef...

I saw this guy at Floyd's Barbershop while I was waiting for PGOAT to get her hair cut & colored. I think he wished he'd gotten one of the hot lady barbers (as we all do, frankly).

And Mr. Wizard. I just started listening to another Terry Prachett book - a re-listen actually - and I was inspired to draw this crufty old coot.