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Life Drawing With the Gallery Girls

It was great being back at life drawing this week. There's a regular Tuesday night session at the Art Director's Guild in Studio City. It's only $10. It's close to my house & it's just plain old figure drawing. It's not a "sexy cabaret" like some of the other local sessions, or held in a spare room with crappy lighting & folding chairs. It's just figure drawing. This week's session was especially great because the model was Jennifer Faros from the Gallery Girls.

Note that none of my sketches even vaguely resemble her but I'm happy with some of them nevertheless (especially considering my time off).

She doesn't have man hands like this but I really dig the long gesture of this pose.

The head & face are terrible, but I like her right arm & lower body here.

Something about the hips works for me in this one.

Proportions are all wrong but I like the quickness of this one.

I dig the angularity of her ass cheeks & how her lower legs splay out a bit.

This one is just ugly & I kind of love it.

Same pose as above. The super-quick sketch.

Same pose as the third picture in the post. For some reason I felt like she should be leaning against a piano like a sexy lounge singing lady.]]

Most of this one is wrong but I like her hips & face, even though she looks nothing like this.

You may notice that this is mostly ink sketches. I actually spent more time with my pencil but the kicker is that the longer I spend on my drawings, the less I like them. I hate that. I need to fix that one of these days.


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