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Santa Barbara Zoo

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend & I drove up the coast to Santa Barbara for a couple days. It was pretty great getting the hell out of Dodge & just relaxing. We didn't do a lot of "activities" but we did go to the zoo on the way home.

And at the zoo we saw elephants:

Two elephants, to be precise.

We saw penguins, a whole mess of them.

We saw a couple giraffes.

More than two, including a baby giraffe, who I didn't sketch.

We saw a whole pack of otters.

Who, one minute looked deeply, deeply asleep and the next were wriggling all over each other like kittens in a basket.

We saw some gibbon-type characters.

And a lemur with very Colonel Kurtzian eyes.

We saw a gorilla munching grass.

And we saw a California condor.

And we saw lots of other things too. Another SB sketchblog post may come on Thursday, fingers crossed.


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