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More INKtober InkBots!

We're pleased to report that InkBot engineers have been hard at work, developing new models in anticipation of the 2012 season. Exact release dates and availability have not yet been determined but the entire robotics team is excited about these prototypes. Model P-2F, version 01:

Developed for worlds with sufficiently dense atmospheres to support rotor-driven craft, this model can be outfitted with up to two carrying pods. Some care needs to be taken when selecting cargo, as down-draft from the rotor will defoliate some of the more delicate blossoms.

Model W-1Fl, version 01:

One of our simplest and most durable models, the W-1Fl will get your cargo (most commonly a flower but a variety of container pods are available) where it needs to be in the most efficient and economical manner possible. A Venusian rose, delivered only a day or two after the height of its bloom by a W-1Fl, says "I'm so confident in our love that I'm not afraid to save a few credits while letting you know." Recommended for surprise deliveries, not so much for important anniversaries.

Model 4W-1Fl, version 01:

Walker-bots are becoming more and more popular - and reliable - and the 4W-1Fl should be our most popular model yet. An extended bulb-pod and nutrient phial means that for long-distance deliveries, these bots can start their trips while the flowers that will proclaim your undying love are no more than seedlings nestled in the finest and most fertile Krakatoian soil allowed off-world. Let your love grow.

Model 4W-xP, version 01

Another walker, this one features a much more powerful Babbage-Neuman emotive-AI processor but suffers from reduced carrying capacity. Frankly we're not sure what to do with this guy but he's become quite the mascot around the offices since coming online.

Model 4W-3Ol, version 02:

Not a swimmer but an ocean floor-walker, the 4W-3Ol was originally designed for deep-sea deliveries in the acid oceans of Galapogolia Prime. We're excited to bring a more consumer-friendly version to water worlds all across the galaxy soon.

Model 2W-V1C, verion 01:

Bipedal and cyclopean, the 2W-V1C did not test well with our focus groups but we're not giving up on this little guy yet. We're proud of how hard the 2W-V1C works and have a number of revisions in prototype now.

Stay tuned fore more updates, InkBot lovers, and enjoy your INKtober!