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Watching People Eat

Watching people eat is weird, right? I don't do it in a creepy way, at least I don't think I do. The people I'm watching may disagree. Last night I met my buddy Rich for cheap, delicious Thai food at Mae Ploy in Silverlake. I bitched & moaned that I couldn't get there until 8:30p even though he was free much earlier. Turns out I got there at 8 and had some time to sit & watch people eat. I saw these guys: And I saw these ladies (look carefully & you'll see the other lady's hand in the bottom right. I ran out of paper so that's all of her we'll ever see). I also watch people eat at LACMA. The courtyard there is one of my regular launch haunts. These ladies were eating but heavily invested in their phones. Eating. No texting. Texting (or whatever). No eating. And this guy, on the MTA Red Line, wasn't eating at all. He was too tired.Cheers gang! Thanks for looking.

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