Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Last INKtober InkBot Post

Rounding-out the month of October, the fine folks at Wrylon Robotics (name subject to change) are proud to present one more batch of Bots.  Model W2L-F01, Version 01:

A small bot with a, relatively, large optical sensor, this little guy was developed specifically for nocturnal and subterranean deliveries. Best-suited for short trips, we expect it to be very popular with local suitors hoping to surprise their mates with bedtime flowers. And miners.

Model W2-C2H5:

A prototype that may indicate an expansion of our core business, this bot's not equipped to carry any flowers. However, its high-capacity chassis, servo-articulated appendage and solar-paneled parasol do make it well-suited to serving snow cones during the summer months (and on desert planets).

Model 3W-Ex5:

Tripedal walkers are exceptionally agile and we always have several models in the workshop being modded in different ways. This guy has been modded for height. When fully extended he tops out at 18' feet tall, an impressive specimen on nearly any world. We're unsure whether we can successfully outfit him for floral delivery because any of our most popular flowers will look insignificant when delivered by something this large. We are however, considering moving into arboreal services. This guy would be perfect for that.


This picture has been circulating through our message boards and on some of the more unsavory image sites on the net so we feel we must address it in brief. Yes, sometimes our bots do behave badly. We apologize for that. We are taking steps to prevent this behaviour in the future.

Stay tuned for more Bots, my friends.