Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Cafe Sketching

I had the chance to spend a couple lunch breaks doing some cafe sketching lately. Most of my what I did is particularly terrible as I'm trying some new ways of drawing but I found a couple things I'm not too terribly embarrassed to post.  One thing I've been trying is to push proportions into a more cartoony space and I think the long-legged lady on the right works pretty well. Everything else here is pretty straight-forward, though the gesture of the guy waiting for his coffee is, I think, decently exaggerated.

I could've pushed the guy on the left further but I think I got some of his suspicion at having to wait a whole 2 minutes for a coffee. The ladies, well I just have problems drawing decent female faces but for all the faults I see in these, they're some of my better ones.

Thanks for looking and more to come!



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