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Clyopsie the Robot

Our engineers here at Wrylon Robotics never stop innovating. They've been called "Innovateers" by some of our more, uh, enthusiastic, boosters but they've never let that stop them from coming up with new bots fit for a variety of domestic - and interplanetary - jobs.

"Clopsie", named for his oversized, singular eye, is the first in what we hope to be a long line of "ObservoBots." He's highly mobile, across a wide variety of terrain, and equipped with optical sensors that operate well above and well below standard human perception.

You need a GuardBot? A LookOutBot? PeepBot? PaparazzaBot? BabyMonitorBot? LighthouseBot? Whatever your observational needs may be, "Clopsie" or one of our other (soon to be unveiled) ObservoBots will do the job with aplomb!!!

Stay tuned for more detailed specifications and ordering instructions.