Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

More Life Drawing @ the ADG

Boy it's been a while since I've been to a life drawing session at the Art Director's Guild. You can see it in my drawings, the best of which (yes, there are worse ones than these), are below. Still, there are lines here & there that I do like.

I showed up a bit late, so I took my warm-ups during a couple of her longer poses. I did the ones on the left first, just trying to get the kinks out of my arm.

I never spend too long on any one drawing, which can be good, except that I never really finish anything to my satisfaction. I need to get the balance between sketching & overworking right. At the moment, it's all wrong.

I totally dig how whack the proportions are on the right-most image. Yes, it is the same model as the one on the far left.

The spine, this page is all about the dots along her spine.

Some of the other life-drawers. I actually went out on a date with the woman with the hat maybe three years ago. I kept looking at her during the session because I could not figure out where I knew her from. Then it clicked into place when someone else said her name. Quite funny.

And that's all for now. More soon, true believers.