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Baron Samedi

The other day I was talking to PGOAT & she said something about how fun it'd be to cosplay Baron Samedi. I had no idea who that was, except that he had a cool name. So I messed around Wikipedia some & was inspired to toss out a couple quick sketches. [one_third_first]

In Haitian voodoo, Baron Samedi is head of the Guédé family, the spirits associated with magic, ancestor worship & death.[/one_third_first]


The Baron in particular is also linked to sex & resurrection and he's the only one of the Loa (spirits) who can accept a person into the underworld. [/one_third]


He's known to have a particular fondness for debauchery, tobacco & rum. As such, I imagine he's a pretty popular guy.[/one_third_last]

Pencil, ink & marker on paper with some Photoshop color. Look for one more Baron Samedi post later on in the week.