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The Posters of Wrylon Robotical





A great deal of poster art from the early days of Wrylon Robotical has survived, giving current robot & automaton historians a wealth of material to work with.

This first poster dates back to 1891 & the founding of Wrylon Automotive & Moto-Mechanical Workshop, the predecessor to Wrylon Robotical.

When this poster was printing, RR Wrylon had just moved in to his first workshop, a converted livery stable conveniently close to the railroad freight terminal and associated blacksmith & machine shops. He was able to attract some of the railroad's best steam jockeys as he was one of the first engineers & mechanics to focus his efforts on racing engines & automobiles. Railroading was a well-respected career but racing was sexier.

It's notable that even at this early stage he was interested in miniaturization, as evidenced by his seeking clockmakers along with other, more traditional craftsmen.

This poster dates from 1901, after the name change to Wrylon Robotical. It's among the first advertising one-sheets for Wrylon's delivery service.

There's a bit of cheek here, as at the time of this printing, no deliveries had gone further east than Antwerp & no 'bot had crossed the Atlantic westward but the claims were soon put to the test & Wrylon delivered. By 1902 deliveries were being made worldwide.

Thanks for your interest & stay tuned for more from the Wrylon Archives.