Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Moleskine Wallet Sketching

I've used a Moleskine as a wallet for a bunch of years now. It is the legendary notebook of artists & thinkers. What else could I possibly use? It's my go-to sketchbook when I'm standing in line @ the coffeeshop or just out & about without any other scraps of paper at hand. I just finished off my latest, a Star Wars-themed journal that was a gift from an ex-girlfriend. I scanned a couple dozen pages from it & here's the first batch.

Opening spread of the first pages. As noted, it has super-thin paper. Usually I rock the sketchbook instead of the  journal but I didn't end up minding at all. And I got more pages. The guy on the right is a print designer at work. All those little dots in the lower left corner are the perforated front of a Mac Pro.

It seemed tedious to show every spread - and I skipped some terrible drawings every other page or so - so here's a grab bag of the first few decent captures. All of these, I believe, are from the Starbucks on Wilshire Blvd. in the Museum Square building. I'm not, generally speaking, a Starbucks fan but it's 30 sec. from my work.

Enjoy mes amis!