Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Final Moleskine Post For Now

Sometimes I hold the sketchbook sideways.

Starbucks, Astroburger, Starbucks, Nokia Live (before the Avett Bros. show), Fred 62 (after the Avett Bros.) and two sketches from the Big Bar next to the Alcove Cafe in Silverlake. I was waiting for lady. Had a good drink but no love connection.


First three are from Intelligentsia, you'll recognize the sunglasses lady from a previous post. Next it's Starbucks, then it's the Little Bar, which is my new local drinking hole, Starbucks again, the Little Bar and finally Starbucks.

Thus commences my tour through my wallet and Los Angeles. I'm already a couple pages into my next wallet so another post, at some point, is surely forthcoming.

Cheers, mes amis.