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Moby Dick


The book's about a white whale. The whale on the cover is decidedly not white. I've read this twice now. I never got to it in school, even though I went to a fancy-pants boarding school & a solid B+/A- eastern liberal arts college.

I probably picked up the paperback in Salt Lake City and carried it around for a bunch of years before ever cracking it open. As a "great American novel" it looks great on the bookshelf whether it's read or un-read. When I finally started it, I was hooked. It's freaking amazing.[/one_third_last]

Starbucks, the ubiquitous coffee chain, was apparently named after Starbuck, the Quaker chief mate. While I can fault their coffee, I can't fault their decision not to go with Queequeg's Cappuccino Cafe.

Now go to a good coffeeshop and read a book.