Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Worldbuilding, Cities on Pillars

I've been noodling around with homes, cities and temples built high on stone pillars for a while now without really knowing what to do with them. I haven't quite gotten the aesthetic down yet & they still don't look, on paper, the way they do in my mind. But I've found a reason for them. A story, if you will.  

I've recently started a visual development class at CDA and the instructor has us doing some worldbuilding around Grimm's Little Red Riding Hood story. In the original, she gets lost in a forest on her way to her grandmother's house. In mine, she gets lost in a sea of pillars on her way to her grandmother's house, which is perched atop a giant stone pillar. 

Lots of work still to do on these but I've been having fun trying to figure them out.  


barry mcwilliams