Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Sketch Gifting in Mid-City

I'm pretty sure the police are going to stop me & ask me what the hell I'm doing some day soon. Yesterday I was sketching in Mid-City. 

There are so many great buildings in LA that it's going to be a long time before I run out of ones I want to draw. The storefront of this one appeared to be open but I couldn't tell what kind of business it was. Behind me, as I sketched, was a shuttered reggae music store that looked like it was great in its day. 

The guy on the corner didn't show up to crouch there with his bags until I was done sketching. I might have included him if he'd been there from the start or, more likely, I'd have drawn somewhere else. This building's clearly of the same era & basic design of the first one. I should do some historical research and find out when these were built.  

This one was just a quickie of the narrow facade as I under a bit of a time constraint. 

More soon, mes amis.  

Sketch Giftbarry mcwilliams