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Wrylon Notebook Contact Sheets

How many 'bots did Wrylon Robotical produce during its six short years in existence? We may never know, as historians & 'bot enthusiasts are uncovering more models every day.

One recent find is a series of three notebooks - a 1911 Wrylon Robotical Engineer's Handbook, a 1911 Wrylon Robotical Field Guide & Spotters Handbook, and a 1912 Wrylon Robotical Field Guide.

Below are three contact sheets used by the printers to clear image approval for the catalogs. These contact sheets were routed through the company and required sign-off from engineering leads, marketing directors and Rhoderick Wrylon himself before the 'bot images could be placed into the notebooks.

As we strive to recreate Wrylon's legacy, we're using these same contact sheets to reprint the catalogs. 

For more information on our current restoration efforts, see our Kickstarter project here and keep your eyes open for more 'bots everywhere.

Thank you.

barry mcwilliams