Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Wrylon's Bots Spotted...

...at a robot party!!!

I know some pretty remarkable people and late last year a couple of them launched a Kickstarter to open an awesome place in Los Angeles where people can learn how to make stuff, tinker with stuff, break stuff and have fun with stuff.  

Their Kickstarter went gangbusters and LA Makerspace is now open to the public. To celebrate, they held a robot party and I was stoked to help out. 

Here's the event poster I designed & printed with the help of Valhalla Studios, who did a phenomenal job. They're now my go-to for detailed, multi-color prints. 

Then, the night before the party, a buddy & I painted four 6' tall 'bots and hung them on the walls.

Finally, there was on-site screenprinting. Here are the three poster designs, straight out of the computer:

Don't they look nice & clean? Yeah, that's what you get from a bunch of ones & zeroes. Bringing these guys into the physical world was quite a bit messier - and super-fun.

The printing was a success, though the screens clogged more quickly than I'd expected & I'd not thought to bring screen opener or a good brush. On-site screenprinting is a tricky beast! Still, a lot of people went home with posters. 

Eventually I'll print another run and have them for sale in the store. Keep your eyes on this space for details.

All-in-all, the party was a blast and I can't wait to see what else is in store for for LA makers. Thanks LA Makerspace (esp. Tara). You guys are awesome. 

barry mcwilliams