Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

WonderCon Banners

WonderCon starts a week from tomorrow in Anaheim, CA. This year'll be my third WonderCon ever and my first as an exhibitor. I'm pretty excited. Expect to see a lot of pics, tweets, etc. coming out of there.

For my booth, AA-107 if you're thinking of stopping by, I'm printing three banners. I imagined these would be quick re-layouts of existing art work. They are that, except for the quick part. They're still not perfect but it's time to step away from them and send them to the banner printer.

Wanna see? Click the pics for larger versions.

I'll share pics of the actual banners on display sometime next week. The turquoise in the banners should be way, way mellower than it looks in these jpgs. It's pretty neon here - not exactly the vibe I'm going for. Stay tuned, mes amis.

Hope ya'll are doing great.


barry mcwilliams