Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Composition Class Homework

I'm taking a composition & layout class at LAAFA, taught by Bill Perkins. We're just one week in but it promises to be great. 

First week's homework was black & white, or Notan, studies of a couple paintings of our own choosing. It's a great exercise & it's one that pops up in many painting/composition classes. Time permitting, I'll keep doing one or two of these a week, just to get the mileage in & get me really, really studying paintings (as opposed to simply looking at them).  

It's a hard assignment. I'm not doing it digitally at all, no Photoshop cleanup other than Levels and it's really tough copying the layout & proportions properly. I'm likely rushing them and it's pretty clear that several are pretty off when it comes to their proportions. Still, they're making me think and plan out my marks, which is key. It's also hard dropping these to only two values. Three values would make most of these read much better, but that's not the assignment. 

Because I want to do animation layout, background paint & vis dev, I picked a mix of old master paintings & contemporary animation bgs.

Enjoy mes amis. 

barry mcwilliams