Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

On the Corner of Fox & Gardner

Everyone knows that 1940 Fox & Gardner is the JSA's Gotham City address. But what's on the actual corner of Fox St. & Gardner Blvd? The Fox & Gardner Cafe, of course. 

This layout, unlike most of mine, didn't start off with a sketch. Instead I jumped into Modo & started playing with simple cubes until I got a shot I liked well enough. 

As you can see, it's crazy-simple and I didn't even bother with a proper render. I screen-shotted and moved in Sketchbook Pro to do the linework. 


I ended up doing two passes on the linework because the first just looked odd. The perspective, though accurate to the 3d screenshot, was wonky. I corrected it the second time around. 

The final paint is the first image in the post. At one point I let the Photoshop file creep over 100 layers - but I'm a meticulous namer & grouper so it never got too unwieldy. Embarrassing maybe. But not that tricky. 

Then, as I like to do, I threw some type in to make a titlecard. 


I can close my eyes right now & conjure up a Flo-like waitress telling the Martian Manhunter to "Kiss my grits!"

This show would be amazing.