Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

The (Alabaman) Wampus Cat

Part Native American tale, part Southern folklore, the Wampus Cat is nothing but trouble. 

Depending on who you believe it's either a half-woman, half-cougar haunting the rural backwoods or a spirit of death who's cry portends a death & burial within three days. 

My first sketch of the Cat was in the half-woman/half-cougar vein but did it looked so much like ultra-kawaii furry fanart that I couldn't continue. If I could have figured out a way to add Cumberbatch in there, the picture would have blown up Tumblr. I can't be responsible for that. 

Instead I present to you a spirit of death. And it's the Alabama version, though the Cat is more associated with Tennessee folklore. Alabama is, alphabetically, the first state in the Union. It should get my first local cryptid. 

Enjoy mes amis.