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Beware the Batman

Last year I had the opportunity to work on Warner Bros.' most-recent Batman series, the CG-animated "Beware the Batman". The show was a blast. The work was fun & the people were great.

I started with episode 07 and worked through the end of the season, doing After Effects & design work on the Batmobile screens, Batcomputer, phones, etc. Brett Hardin developed the design language, which I used and iterated upon.

The show was fully 3d, with the animation, rendering & compositing all being done overseas. We worked off of storyboards and playblasts (a low-res Maya render) to figure out timing & placement of all the graphics, then crossed our fingers & waited for the composites to come back. Mostly it worked out great but we had a last-minute re-render now & then. Frankly, considering the time, distance & language barriers separating us & the 3d studios, it worked with nary a hitch. 

As a fan, it was hard not to throw Easter eggs into every shot. We got a couple in there but ultimately the task was to serve the story, not show off that we know who Carmine Infantino was.

The show only ran one season but it was a good one. Check it out if you get the chance. 

barry mcwilliams