Hi there!

Thanks so much for taking a look at my work. 

Rebrands? Yeah, it's a thing one does. Here are a couple I've worked on.


I've worked on two, if not three OWN rebrands. They actually bought this one, but I'm pretty sure the network already looks a little different.


Fun, appy, bright. It's the Game Show Network!


Remember when G4 was going to be Esquire for a little while? 

But it's not all rebrands...

Main titles for a still-in-production documentary about the 2016 election.

Here's a set of iOS stickers I made when I was pretty sure that iOS stickers were something people would be excited about.

Maybe I was wrong about stickers, but it was a lot of fun learning how to work with only a 6-9 frame loop and how to get an app in the store. 

Lifetime didn't have much time or much money, but wanted some fun holiday promos. I wrote and designed a couple, and managed to work a little cannibalism into the season.

Two versions of a main title for a show that went to pilot, but not any further. 

It happens. I had a blast working on the titles. 

Robots & spaceships. Personal project.

Thank you again.