Fluffy Fairy


Hi there!

I’d love to work with you as a 2d artist. 

I’m an experienced illustrator, animator and motion graphics designer and I’m a long-time gamer. I’m really excited about the opportunity to join your team on Idle Miner Tycoon. 

I’ve worked on broadcast television shows, feature films & documentaries and adverts. I’ve loved working on all of them, but what I miss is working on something interactive and player-based. Something that players seek out. Something they engage in. Something they return to, excited to do more, see what’s new and spend time with.

A game like yours. 

Simulation games are, simply, a blast. SimCity was my first. Then SimTower, SimAnt, Railroad Tycoon, the Civilization games, Kerbal, Fallout Shelter - heck I spent a bunch of time in Harvest Moon back in the day. There’s a richness & replayability in them that’s engaging and supports deep world building. 

Idle Miner Tycoon has all that & I'd love to work on it with you

Beyond the game, I’m excited about your studio. For all of the big clients I’ve worked with, Disney, Dreamworks, Discovery Channel,etc. , I’ve almost always worked with small studios and agile teams where everyone was able to pitch in on all levels. I’ve been able to concept, illustrate and work on typography in the morning and then animate in the afternoon. I love that flexibility. It encourages active, collaborative work and as projects move forward, everyone gets better at every part of the job. It’s an incredibly satisfying environment. I feel like I’d thrive in a studio like yours. 

Thank you very much,


Here's some of my work:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 


GSN Network Rebrand

A rebranding campaign I worked on for the Game Show Network. Lots of fun vector-based art. A great color palette. Good attitude. They didn't end up picking this direction but it was a blast.


The Young Adventurers' ABCs. 

Even barbarian children need to learn how to read, right?

iOS Stickers

I made these back when I thought stickers were going to be the next 'big thing.' They weren't. But it was fun working within the constraints of 6-9 frame loops and very small file sizes. I wouldn't have minded a few extra frames here & there. 


Wrylon Robotical

Flower-delivering robots. Because not all robots want to destroy the world. I created a bunch of in-world art for this project - posters, adverts, newspaper clippings. It was a blast seeing how the aesthetic worked across a range of media.

3d Prop Design

I love 2d. Look around the rest of my work! But I'm just as comfortable working in 3d, and with using 3d to rough-out 2d paint-overs and explore design iterations.

Animation & UI Design

I was fortunate to work on the last fully CG Batman show. I designed and animated all the UI and screen graphics. 

American Album Show Open

Click-through for two versions of the open I designed. The show never made it past the pilot, but it was fun to work on. 


American Album

This is the version they picked. I still wonder what the other would have looked like.