I do occasionally ride rubber-side-down.

We might be the perfect team…

I don’t want to sound too enthusiastic, but this feels like an amazing fit.

I’m an illustrator, motion graphics designer & animator, and cyclist. Put simply, the two things that I’m thinking about when I fall asleep at night, and wake up in the morning, are design & bikes.

I’ve already found a number of ways to combine them - but joining your team and helping inspire more people to get outside - that feels like an ideal combination.

I have over a decade of experience telling brand stories on broadcast television, Instagram posts, print one-sheets and the web. I’m a strong team player and a very communicative telecommuter. For the last five+ years I’ve worked primarily as an off-site freelancer and am excellent at staying engaged with my colleagues regardless of location.

Speaking of location, I’m based in Berlin - a two-hour bike commute away, which I know because I mapped it on Komoot. I’d love to swing by for a coffee and find out more about the position.

Here's some of my work:

I’ve pulled a couple relevant examples of what I’ve done but there’s a lot more all around the site. Please feel free to look around.


Welcome to Mars Instagram Video

A series of five looping videos telling the story of Dravlor Lyvingstein, ill-fated Martian explorer.

Cycling in Los Angeles

Believe it or not, it’s amazing, even with all the cars. I made a couple posters to share my love of it.

Map Animation

A series of maps I made for Framestore, Chicago. Featured in a documentary about Ba’hai religion.

Operation Change Show Open

Pitch frames for a television pilot. They had beautiful footage, so doing a lot of complicated graphics seemed like the wrong choice.


American Album Show Open

An incredibly fun illustration & animation job for a show that, alas, never made it past the first episode.