Marley Spoon


Guten Tag

I’d love to join your team as a designer & help tell your - very awesome - story.

I’m an experienced designer, animator and illustrator. I’ve worked with brands as diverse as Dreamworks, Target, Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery and more, branding them, re-branding them and launching new projects within their existing brands.

I believe in concept & story-driven design that can live across a range of media from broadcast television, to Facebook banners to Instagram videos. I’ve worked in all of these media & I’m excited to work in whatever’s next.

I’m also the cook in the family, so this is an opportunity that’s more than a little relevant to my interests.

I am a native English speaker and am currently taking German classes.

I am living in Berlin now and, at the moment, would require visa sponsorship. However, I have my visa appointment schedueled in mid-January and hope to have my work visa taken care of then.

I’d love to help you help more people eat better. I hope to chat more soon.

Here's some of my work:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 


American Album Show Open

Click-through for two versions of the show open I designed. One more show that never made it past the pilot. I'm pretty sure that's not because of the graphics. 

My animation of the version the client picked. I'm still wondering what the other version would've looked like in motion.


OWN Rebrand

A rebranding campaign I worked on for the Oprah Winfrey Network. I loved working with the photography and figuring out how to integrate typography in a seamless, elegant way. 



A series of five looping Instagram videos, telling a snippet of the story of a long-lost astronaut.


Man vs. Food

Part of a pitch to design the main title for a Food Network show.

Operation Change Show Open

Styleframes for a television show that, unfortunately never made it beyond the pilot. This was another really enjoyable project, again working with some excellent footage and trying to tell story graphically.  


GSN Network Rebrand

I illustrate too! Another rebrand, this time for the Game Show Network. They didn't pick this direction but it was a blast. 


G4 Network Rebrand

Another opportunity to figure how what a network could look like, but with a slightly different attitude than some of the others I've worked on. They didn't pick this direction, but I like it.


iOS Stickers

A set of iOS stickers. Because robots are awesome.