Hi there!

I would love to come on board as a motion designer & illustrator to help tell your story.  

I’m an experienced animator, art director, illustrator and graphic designer. I cut my teeth at Ogilvy & Mather advertising, working on clients as diverse as Jaguar & Motorola. I've since moved into the motion graphics world, designing & animating for Disney, Target, NBC, Dreamworks and more.

I'm a versatile illustrator & animator. I’m extremely strong on concept and solving creative problems both in teams and on my own. I have extensive experience delivering content for a wide range of devices and mediums.

I believe strongly in story-based, brand communication - and Namecheap has a story worth telling. Long gone are the days of Geocities sites & Friendster pages. Facebook is fine, but it’s not yours. Everyone should have their own domain and own their own work - and it shouldn’t be hard to find your own part of the web. I’d be thrilled to help be a part of helping everyone find their own domains and tell their own stories online.

I write this from Los Angeles, California but I am relocating to Berlin on 6th September and am available immediately thereafter.


Here's some of my work:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 



A small video I made for Instagram in response to some of what's been happening in US politics.


Animation & UI Design

I was fortunate to work on the last fully CG Batman show. I designed and animated all the UI and screen graphics. 


GSN Network Rebrand

A rebranding campaign I worked on for the Game Show Network. Lots of fun vector-based art. A great color palette. Good attitude. They didn't end up picking this direction but it was a blast.


3d Prop Design

I can concept & design in 3d just as easily as in 2d, though I'm more of a hard surface & prop guy than a ZBrush sculpting character artist. I'm also a big proponent of using 3d roughs for 2d paint-overs. 

iOS Stickers

I made these back when I thought stickers were going to be the next 'big thing.' They weren't. But it was fun working within the constraints of 6-9 frame loops and very small file sizes. I wouldn't have minded a few extra frames here & there. 


American Album

The show open I animated, based on my styleframes below.


American Album Show Open

Click-through for two versions of the open I designed. The show never made it past the pilot, but it was fun to work on. 


Wrylon Robotical

Flower-delivering robots. Because not all robots want to destroy the world. I created a bunch of in-world art for this project - posters, adverts, newspaper clippings. It was a blast seeing how the aesthetic worked across a range of media.


The Young Adventurers' ABCs. 

Even barbarian children need to learn how to read, right?


2d & 3d Layout

World-building, stage setting, camera framing - Sometimes there's a lot you need to get into one picture. I'm comfortable moving quickly between sketches and block-outs to land on the right frame - and then taking it into production.