Native Instruments


Hi there!

I would love to come on board as a video producer & motion graphics artist for Native Instruments. 

I've been working in advertising & motion graphics for over a decade. I'm strong at concept. I get brands. I know how to deliver assets from thumbnail to post. I've worked for and with brands as diverse as Dreamworks, Fox, Disney and Warner Brothers. 

I think it'd be a blast to bring those skills to NI and help tell your story. 

I'm really excited about NI. I love what you're doing - building hardware & software that's empowering musicians, inspiring creativity and bringing more music into the world. It'd be a thrill to be a part of that mission and to help you help more people make music. 

I am currently based in Los Angeles but moving to Berlin in September. I'm freelancing in LA and, as such, I could relocate sooner if the opportunity arose - especially if that meant I could get back to Coretex & dive into the crates a little more. 

Thank you very much and I hope to talk more soon,


Three Conversation Starters:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 

American Album Design

I concepted and designed two versions of a main title sequence for a music & history television show hosted by Sheryl Crow. The show never made it past the pilot but it was a blast to work on. 

American Album Animation

This is the version they picked. I still wonder what the other would have looked like. 

iOS Stickers

I made these when stickers were first announced. They clearly display the limits of 4-8 frames of animation but it was a valuable project for me. I'd never shipped anything for iOS before and it was awesome to dig into a new environment and see what I could do within its constraints. 


Animation & UI Design

As a lifelong comic nerd, it was awesome to work on a Batman project. This show only lasted one season but it stoked my interest in UI Design and was just a lot of fun to do.