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Bikes of Berlin

Bikes of Berlin

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Beater bikes are the best. 


Look, a 14lb. all-carbon race bike is a thing of joy and handbuilt steel frames can be works of art. But an around-town, to the coffeeshop, the grocery, the movies, the pub, the post office & everywhere else bike is an essential bike. It’s the bike you ride everyday. You can lock it up and not spend your entire coffeeshop time worrying about it. It gets dinged. It gets repaired. It gets your hand-me-down tires, or you just put on the most bulletproof city rubber you can find & never think about it again. It’ll take a pizza-sized Wald rack, or a second-hand no-name rack you found on eBay. Add a couple lights and fenders and it’s a year-round commuter. 


So what’s up with Berlin?


Well, we spent ten days there on honeymoon late last year and didn’t touch a car once. We rented a couple of beaters for four Euro/day (that’s under $5 USD) and pedaled around the city. It was the best - dedicated bike lanes, left turn signal lights for bikes, separated pedestrian lanes and bikes locked up everywhere. We saw more bikes in Berlin than in famously bike-friendly Amsterdam & Copenhagen. After seeing our 1,000th bike, I decided I needed to start drawing them. Thus we have the Bikes of Berlin prints.

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There are four bikes total, all bikes found or ridden on our trip. "Der Meister", "Prick", "Gazelle" and "Le Parisien".

Two colors, a rich, dark brown & a poppy blue, both on 100lb French Speckletone paper. 

8'x10' landscape format.

They're available in sets of two and four. Each set will be evenly split between blue & brown bikes and there will be no repeats.

Free domestic shipping, included in the price. 

International shipping is an extra $15USD.