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Ride the Observatory, 2nd Printing

Ride the Observatory, 2nd Printing

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I'm really excited to offer a second (and final) printing of this poster. Thanks to all who liked the first, very limited run, and asked if I could make more. 

As I said about the first run: Everyone knows that #LASucksForCyling. 

Really, it's terrible. Don't move here to ride bikes. 

But if you do, you'll find out that it's actually pretty great. I live on the east side, which means that Griffith Park is one of my regular stomping grounds. There are dozens of loops to ride through the park, not too much car traffic and lots of weird LA history (Table 29?). 

Looming large over the park is the Observatory. It's a perfect little after work climb, mid-commute high-point or sightseeing stop. So how do you get there?

Wonder no more. 

For this second run I partnered with the fine folk at Mama’s Sauce to produce a print that looks so good, well, it just looks darn good. 

18x24, one-color screen print on some nice, heavyweight French Co. paper. Each one signed & numbered. 

$35, shipping included. I wish I could offer Amazon’s shipping rates, but I don’t do their kind of volume. 

If you’re local - like really, really local - and maybe I see you riding bikes on the regular, they’re $25. Email me for details. Sorry I can’t offer this to everyone. 

Thanks again, gang. 

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